Quality Property Management in Woodstock, Georgia

Are you a property owner looking for a professional Woodstock property management company?

If you are, look no further than Avalon Property Management. Our property managers can help you manage a variety of properties, including single-family, condo units, and townhomes properties.

At Avalon PM, we are a full-service rental property management firm. We have vast experience spanning close to 20 years. We have grown from serving the local community to now serving various areas, including Cobb, North Fulton, North Atlanta, and Cherokee.

Our company thrives on simplifying Woodstock property management services through providing professional management services. We can help you market your property profusely, screen tenants thoroughly, maintain your property properly, and enforce the terms of the lease appropriately.

We are members of NARP (National Association of Rental Properties), NAR (National Association of Realtors), GAR (Georgia Association of Realtors), ARA (Atlanta Realtors Association), and CAR (Cobb Association).

If you own a real estate investment in any of these areas and want professional services, give us a call at (770)971-0025 or send us an email.

Our Property Management Services

We tailor our Woodstock property management services to fit your management needs.

Regardless of the size of your rental, our property managers will work to help you maximize its income potential. The following are the management services you can expect from Avalon PM.

1. Tenant Screening

At Avalon PM, we understand how frustrating renting to a problem tenant can be. That’s why we subject every prospective tenant, one by one, through a thorough screening process. This helps minimize the chances of renting to a problem tenant.
When screening tenants, we look for those that can afford to pay the monthly rent. For this reason, we require that prospects have an income of at least 3X the rent amount.

We also require renters to have a good credit rating. How much income a person earns may not tell the whole story, as one may have debts. Checking the prospective tenant’s credit helps us get a good idea into their overall financial status.

Besides the income and creditworthiness, we also check a prospective tenant’s criminal, rental, and employment backgrounds.

At the end, we are able to find a quality tenant. The type of tenant that will pay rent without problems, will notify the management immediately maintenance issues crop up, and care for the investment property as if it were their own.

2. Rental Property Marketing

With this service, we help you market your investment property. Every landlord knows how frustrating a vacant unit can be. Besides zero income, it also means you may need to look elsewhere to pay for property expenses.

At Avalon, we use a variety of proven marketing strategies to help fill our clients’ vacant properties. Among other things, these strategies include:

  • Listing on top rental listing sites. These are sites that we have handpicked for their effectiveness in getting quality leads. Good examples include Craigslist, Zillow, Realtor.com, Zillow, and Hotpads.com.
  • Running social media campaigns. We can also run targeted social media campaigns to help maximize the exposure to your property.
  • Using word-of-mouth. This is still an effective marketing tactic. It helps build some buzz around a vacant unit.
  • Placing “For Rent” signs on strategic places around the Woodstock property. This is an inexpensive but effective marketing tactic.

Thanks to these efforts, we are usually able to fill vacant rental units in a matter of a few weeks.

3. Financial Reporting

Buying a real estate investment property is a great financial undertaking. It therefore makes sense to keep a rental property owner in the loop regarding the performance of their Woodstock property. If you hire us, you will have access to these reports anywhere and at any time via an online portal.

4. Property Inspections & Maintenance

Avalon Property Management will also work to help protect your real estate investment’s value. But why are rental property inspections so important? Well, here are some good reasons.

  • Helps with maintenance issues. Tenants may not always inform the management when issues crop up, conducting inspections will help reveal issues that need fixing.
  • Ensure the tenant is following the rules. Regular inspections will help ensure tenants aren’t flouting important rules. Common lease violations include subletting without approval and keeping a pet when there is a “no pet” policy.
  • At Avalon PM, we usually carry out four types of maintenance. That is, routine maintenance, corrective maintenance, preventative maintenance, and deferred maintenance.

5. Rent Collection

Avalon PM can also help you manage rent collection matters. We understand that collecting rent isn’t always easy, especially if dealing with problematic renters.
This service ensures that rent is collected without fail at the end of every month. You will no longer have to deal with late and/or missing rent payments. Our goal is to guarantee cash flow.

We have made it possible for each tenant to pay via an online automatic monthly payment system. This makes it both easy and convenient for every tenant to pay rent on time every month.

Aside from helping with rent collection, we can also help you set the right price. From our experience, this is a common mistake that many rental property owners in Woodstock usually make.

For any of these management services, you can contact us by phone call or email.

About Woodstock, GA

Woodstock is a bustling suburb of Atlanta and is one of the fastest growing cities in North Georgia. According to the most recent population estimates, the city has a population of about 32,234 people.

The city is the 32nd largest city in Georgia based on the official 2017 estimates from the US Census Bureau.

Woodstock is a nice place to live. It’s not only safe, but the schools are also good. It’s no wonder the city was ranked among the best places to live in America by Money Magazine.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

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