Are you thinking about buying a property in Marietta, GA?

Real estate investments carry a strong potential for growth in your personal wealth. Adding properties to your existing investment portfolio helps diversify your assets and manage the associated risks.

The U.S. has countless local and regional real estate markets. Some areas stand out from the rest in terms of investing. Marietta, Georgia is one of these markets, as the previous decade has demonstrated solid investor’s appeal in the City and its surroundings.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to cover the top reasons why it makes sense to consider Marietta for purchasing an investment property. You’ll learn about the key factors that contribute to the investment potential in this part of Georgia.

1: Great Job Market & Economy

Many of Marietta’s residents make a regular commute into Atlanta. Marietta is close enough to the booming metropolis that it makes sense to own or rent a home in Marietta to slash your housing budget.

At the same time, the local employment opportunities are remarkable as well. The various Marietta industries cover sectors like construction, manufacturing, food and beverage, retail and hospitality.

While the local industries have grown throughout the years, the leaders of Marietta have ensured that none of the historic value of the city gets compromised. As a result, this Georgia city dynamically integrates old and new developments.

2: Promising Rental Market

If you are looking to purchase Marietta real estate to make into a rental, your plan may hold solid ground. The rent prices have mostly gone up over the last decade. An average one-bedroom goes for $1,116 while a single-family residence goes for around $1,500 to $1,700 per month, depending on its particular location in the city.

marietta rental market

The home values have increased as well. While the growth may not have been neck-breaking in the 2020s, there’s no reason to expect a significant depreciation. As an investor, you’re likely to see an increase in both your property’s value and monthly rental income over time.

The average home price has reached the mid-300,000s in Marietta. The biggest increase in home prices has been close to 10% on an annual basis. In fact, the real estate market in Marietta is one of the most expensive in the state of Georgia.

3: Wonderful Educational Services

The education in the City of Marietta and its surroundings is excellent. In fact, the Marietta City School System belongs to the IB World School district. It’s one of the only school systems in the U.S. that offers the full IB K-12 continuum.

For context, here’s what it looks like:

  • IB Primary Years Program – Sawyer Road Elementary
  • IB Middle Years Program – Marietta Middle School
  • IB Diploma Program – Marietta High School

4: High-Quality Health Care

The healthcare sector is an important factor when it comes to real estate investing. It’s been shown that areas with stellar healthcare facilities are more attractive to potential renters. You could earn more rental income by focusing on cities and counties with good medical infrastructure.

The healthcare services and facilities in the City of Marietta and Cobb County are excellent. This area is served by the largest health system in Georgia: WellStar Health System. Their outstanding hospitals include WellStar Cobb Hospital and WellStar Windy Hill Hospital.

marietta real estate investment

5: Many Things to Do in Marietta

The quality of life isn’t only based on jobs and the economy. The attractions and surroundings of your city dictate what kind of opportunities you have for spending your free time. This is where Marietta really shines. Here are some examples:

  • Six Flags White Water: The water park full of thrill rides and family-friendly attractions is a major tourism magnet in the area. Living in Marietta means that you are never too far away from fun
  • Sope Creek Park: Outdoor enthusiasts shouldn’t worry. Only 7 miles from Marietta is the Sope Creek Park which offers a large trail system. Hiking, running, walking and biking are the mainstays of this park
  • Marietta Square Market: Food hall culture has reached Marietta. The building with a historic feel has plenty of places to grab a snack or enjoy a delicious meal. From ramen and ice cream to Mediterranean or Italian fare – this place really does have it all

6: Beautiful Neighborhoods

You may discover that Marietta has an ample variety of communities to choose from. Many of the areas have well-landscaped lots, friendly people and numerous amenities that boost quality of life.

Highland Pointe

Sitting in the East Cobb School District, this area offers superb amenities for families with children. The neighborhood has about 500 homes. Some of the remarkable amenities of Highland Pointe include an Olympic-size swimming pool and tennis courts.


If you’d like to invest in a more secluded and quiet neighborhood, Northampton might fit the bill. The charming architecture and green spaces make it a highly sought-after area to live in. However, you are able to find homes at varying price points.

marietta property investment

North Landing

Commuting options play an important role for many renters in Marietta. North Landing is a neighborhood that has quick access to the Interstate. It’s located about 20 miles from the Atlanta Metro Area, providing convenient access to its job market.

Chestnut Creek

The name of this neighborhood isn’t the only beautiful thing about it. People consider it to be an ideal area to raise your children in. The top amenities of Chestnut Creek include picnic areas, tennis courts and a swimming pool.

The Bottom Line: Invest in Marietta, Georgia Real Estate

The City of Marietta is in close proximity to the Atlanta Metro Area. As an investor, you can target your property investment to people who want to work in Atlanta while enjoying a more small-town atmosphere. You have many Marietta communities to consider, including North Landing, Highland Pointe and Chestnut Creek.