Trusted & Proven Property Management Services in the North Atlanta Area

If you’re struggling to fill vacancies, maintain your property, and collect on-time rent payments, you should consider hiring a professional property manager. Avalon Property Management will take care of all of your property management needs. We market your property, find and screen new tenants, fill vacancies fast, and make collecting rent payments easier than ever.

Avalon Property Management is proud to be associated with professional organizations like, NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) and Realtor.

If you are ready to have a professional property manager, contact us today! Our team is here to create a customized service package for you and answer any questions you might have.

Our Property Management Services

As a full-service property management company, Avalon Property Management, can help you in a variety of ways. Check out what we can do for you below:

Review Your Property for Safety/Liability Issues

We conduct a detailed property walkthrough to identify potential concerns. On the interior we check items such as handrails, smoke detectors and garage door sensors to name a few. On the exterior we look for items such as sidewalk trip hazards, exterior handrails, etc.

Provide Tips for Getting the Highest Rent and Preserving Value

During the Safety/Liability walkthru we additionally look at cosmetic and functional issues too and make recommendations to maximize the rent you can obtain. If we note maintenance items, e.g. clogged gutters, tree limbs on the roof, etc., we’ll make recommendations there as well to make sure you best protect your property and avoid larger problems (leaks/rodent access points) later on.

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Tenant Marketing/Acquisition

Marketing begins with professional photos and a wide distribution of your property information including popular websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads,, LookyLoo and nearly 30 additional websites. The extensive marketing will generate abundant interest and frequently multiple tenant applications.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening including Criminal, Credit and Eviction Checks

The quality of our screening speaks for itself with only a handful of evictions filed for our clients since 1991. Avalon’s comprehensive screening process looks at Criminal, Eviction, Credit and Rental History along with the applicants finances to ensure we are placing the highest quality tenant for our clients. Our application system also has built in identity verification and can detect manipulated documents to ensure all information provided is accurate and true.

Landlord Protected Leases

We’ve owned our own rentals since the 1980s and we’ve learned what issues need better language in property leases. Our Lease, which includes our Avalon Tenant Handbook, is clear and precise about what a Tenant can and can not do. Our Owners are protected!

Move-In Walkthrough with Tenants

A thorough walkthrough is conducted with each new Tenant. A property orientation is conducted along with a discussion of Tenant responsibilities such as changing HVAC filters and reminders that no changes may be made without prior written permission.

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Written/Signed Move In Inspection Report with Photos

During the Move In Walkthrough a multi-page inspection report is generated, along with abundant photos, to document the current property condition at the time of move in. Tenant’s sign the Move In Inspection Report so there’s no disputing the property condition at the time of Move Out.

Rent Collection/Distribution

Each Tenant is provided with an online Tenant Portal where all rent is collected. Tenant’s can make one-time payments online or set up automatic payments on a set day each month. If funds are tight in a given month, there is even an option for the Tenant to pay via Credit / Debit card through their Portal. Owners are paid, usually by the 10th of the month, via direct deposit into the account they designate.

Periodic Property Inspections

Our staff and contractors visit properties periodically. Usually every 6 months and sometimes more often as necessitated by repairs. Our contractors report back regarding any unauthorized pets and other conditions so we can increase the likelihood of identifying concerns at the earliest opportunity.

Repair Coordination (We handle the calls and contractors for you)

All repairs and preventative maintenance is handled by Avalon. When the Tenant submits a Service Request we review the request and create a Work Order, which is assigned to our team of professional contractors. With rare exception, the contractors that will work on your property also work on the rentals we own and our personal residence.

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Move Out Walkthrough and Written Inspection Report with Photos

Once the Tenant is fully moved out we conduct a Move Out Inspection and compare the property condition to the condition documented at the time of Move In. In most cases we refund the Tenant’s full security deposit but when issues arise we document and photograph the concern(s) and deduct the costs from the security deposit. Bottom line is what we tell the
Tenants up front; “All we ask is that you return the property at the lease end in the same as it was delivered to you at the lease start.”

Complete Dispossessory Services

The good news is due to our Comprehensive Tenant Screening we’ve only filed a handful of evictions since 1991. Should the unfortunate occur, we’ll handle the entire process from the Dispossessory Filing through to the actual eviction and property clean up.

About Avalon Property Management

Avalon Property Management is a family run and operated full-service property management company serving property owners in the North Atlanta area since 1991. We take pride in our reputation as a professional and reliable property management company that our team has cultivated throughout the years through quality services.

Tal, Jeanette, and Aaron Kramer have owned rental property since the 1980s so we know property management first hand. In fact, with Avalon, we promise we will treat your home the same as if it was one of our own.