Every property owner knows how important it is to have a good relationship with their tenants. Having a strong relationship means that there will be better communication and both parties will be content.

Landlord-tenant relationships can either be defined by business interactions or it could be from the landlord and tenant being friends or neighbors. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, tenants and landlords must have a solid working relationship.

In this article, we will provide you with some useful tips as a landlord that could help improve the relationship between you and your tenants in Georgia.

Tips for a Better Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Make a Good First Impression

When you first meet your Georgia tenants, ensure that you make them feel welcome and comfortable in the new space. Answer all questions that may be posed to you by the tenant in a manner that they understand. You could also give them a few necessary details regarding the neighborhood and essential amenities.

Provide Clear and Unambiguous Rules

As you develop the relationship between you and your tenants, it be professional to avoid liabilities. In order to have a professional relationship with your tenants from the start make your expectations for their conduct clear when they move in.

welcoming Georgia tenants

Inform the tenant of any important rent due-date and payment options available to them. Ask them to notify you immediately in case of an issue regarding the property. Explain to them their responsibilities as tenants and most importantly ensure that they have a signed lease agreement as they move in.

The lease agreement will also informed of them clearly of their rights and responsibilities to provide further clarity as to what’s expected of them and what they can expect from you, the landlord.

Treat Tenants with Respect

Before, during and even after the period of the tenancy, make sure that you treat your Georgia tenants with respect. Don’t forget that tenants are your business partners and they are essential to the success of your business.

Practice common courtesy with your tenants. Never drop in unannounced, fix issues as soon as they are reported and ensure that you use appropriate language when speaking to them. Respect goes both ways, therefore a respected tenant will likely act respectfully towards you.

Offer a Convenient Payment Method

Make sure that you provide convenient ways for tenants to make rental payment. This will help avoid delays and conflict. You can offer your tenants online payment options as they are convenient, safe and reliable.

Tenant screenings and rent collection

Screen Your Tenants Before They Move In

Before you let a prospective tenant occupy your space, it is best to screen them to ensure that they’re the best fit for your Georgia property. This could also help you avoid conflicts and issues down the line.

Some of the tips when screening your tenants are:

  • Have prospects fill out an application form
  • Analyze their credit scores
  • Ask for identification documents and proof of income.

When conducting a tenant screening there are a few red flags that you could look for like a low credit score and hesitation or refusal to offer information or requested documents. You should also read the Fair Housing Laws which explain how to legally carry out a tenant screening and selection process.

Set a Fair Rent Price

To have a good and sustainable relationship with your tenants, set the rental price at fair but competitive. Overcharging the tenants could put a strain on them and result to resentment and vacant units.

On the other hand, if you undercharge them, you could end up losing money and be unable to meet the demands from your tenants.

To find the right rent price, contact a professional property management company. Their experience in the Georgia market could prove crucial in reducing tenant turnover for your rental property.

fair rent and good communication

Communicate Well

Proper communication is vital to the success of a building. There are several parties involved in the running of a building. Ensure that there are proper communication channels in place so that tenants can easily reach you.

Here are a few helpful tips that you could use to enhance proper communication in your building:

  • Put all correspondence with tenants in writing.
  • Listen to the tenants. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a particular issue, reach out to them and listen to find a solution.
  • Keep all lines of communication open. Ensure that your tenants can reach you.
  • Respect the tenants’ boundaries. Educate yourself on how to be a good communicator without crossing the boundaries.

Encourage Community Involvement

You can encourage the spirit of community. You can tell tenants about local events and popular hang outs near the rental property. This will allow them to get to know the area and will help them feel more connected to the community.

In Conclusion

As a landlord, to make your tenants feel appreciated you must strive to go the extra mile and provide great customer service. It could even help reduce the vacancy rate of your property. That being said, establishing and maintaining a good relationship requires intentional effort that most landlords don’t have the time for. Consider hiring a qualified property management company.

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